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Mobile Device Hostchecker Policy


Mobile Device Hostchecker Policy

I've sifted around but can't find anyone else asking this.

Has anyone been able to do a conditional hostcheck based on users signing in with a mobile device such as an iPad vs. a Windows OS?

For example, if a user signs in with a Windows OS, the hostchecker would enforce AV, OS and Patching policies, however, if an iPad user signed in (same ACL group) Hostchecker would not fire based on some string/value or other item to be checked.

I know I can do things like this with UserAgent strings but I'm thinking that would quickly become a can of worms.

Anyway, if someone has had success with this, I'd love to know what you've done.


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Re: Mobile Device Hostchecker Policy

Without different realms, that allow/deny based on UserAgentString, this will not be possible.
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Re: Mobile Device Hostchecker Policy

I've wondered if there might be a way to look at the agent strings in some custom sign-on pages, and use that information to select the realm.  Has anyone done this?  I'm afraid my HTML coding knowledge is too limited to know if this is possible.


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Re: Mobile Device Hostchecker Policy

This should be possible if the host check is only evaluates on realm-level and enforce on a specific role for Win OS. 

This in a combination with role-mapping with useragent string maybe does the trick?

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