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Mobile Device Support - iPhone & Android


Mobile Device Support - iPhone & Android

We have 2 SA-4500 devices in an HA Cluster running IVE 7.0R4. We are trying to get our mobile devices connected to the SSL VPN using Junos Pulse. We created the following:

- new User Role

- new User Realm

- new Sign-In Page

- new Sign-In Policy/URL

We are able to get the iPhones connected and Network Connect established. However, the Android devices do not get an IP address. Is NC supported on Android devices? How can they get connected to the network?


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Re: Mobile Device Support - iPhone & Android

Hi Raj909,


Currently there is no API on android to allow VPN clients to create a L3 tunnel. If you would like you can add a star to the feature request page for android to request Google to add this feature:


This same question was covered on this message board on the following link: