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Motorola "Q" phone sync with outlook

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Motorola "Q" phone sync with outlook

Hi All,

starting of version 6.2 there's an option to sync the "Q" phone with the outlook through SSLVPN

any has implemented this feature?

please post some info on how to.

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Re: Motorola "Q" phone sync with outlook

We've recently gotten this to work (and it's not "Q" phone specific, it's ActiveSync). We built an ActiveSync server internally (running it on vmware), so we can activesync internally, and then we followed the directions in the manual for ActiveSync.. Basically you'll create a "virtual" host, and map it to the role that has rights to the ActiveSync server, as well as point it to the ActiveSync Server. You'll need a valid SSL cert for the new hostname (we used an internally generated cert, and passed it to the devices internally). Once you've done that, you just configure your ActiveSync device ("Q" phone in this case and iPhone), to point to your virtual host (i.e.