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Moving Previous Page of WEB REWRITTING

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Moving Previous Page of WEB REWRITTING

Hi guys..
I have a problem in deploying WEB Rewritting of SA4500.
Everything work find except moving previous page.

Smiley Frustratedcenario
User will fill in there information in the register page.
If some of those things are wrong information, alert message will pop up.
At this time, user have to click "OK" button on the pop-up window and Java script let them move to previous page.
(This is same with clicking "previous" button in IE Browser)
But only error page appeared with "Expired Page" instead of previous page.

What can be solutoin of this issue?

Regular Contributor

Re: Moving Previous Page of WEB REWRITTING

The SA, as a part of the rewriter functionality adds a http header to avoid caching. This can cause issues for functionality like "back/previous button", "rendering of specific application files", etc.

To workaround this try adding a policy that will allow caching for this spefic application (Admin GUI> Resource Policies > Web > Caching)