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Mozilla Firefox does not find pulse app launcher

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Mozilla Firefox does not find pulse app launcher

Hi everyone, this is my first post so please be patient and generous if asking easy questions.


I've been working long from home and connecting with my business network with firefox and Pulse App launcher but now it is not working. I don't understand what happened this week, maybe a Windows or Firefox update? I have Firefox 78.0.1 right now.

When trying to connect to the IP address at work I wait until a message appears saying Firefox does not find the app launcher. I reinstalled in case there was any problem, apparently getting a succesfull install. But the problem persists?

I am using Panda Dome antivirus, checked pulseapplauncher.exe and outgoing connections are permitted.

Any idea what could have happened? What can I do?

Thanks in advance and best regards

Please, stay safe from COVID19


Re: Mozilla Firefox does not find pulse app launcher

@pacomet  not working only in Firefox? What about Chrome and Edge?


Open registry editor (Run >> regedit) >> Under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT section >> Do you see PulseSecure & PulseSecure2 values/folders with contents in it?

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