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Multi-Site Clustering and Network Connect

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Multi-Site Clustering and Network Connect

I'm trying to figure out how Network Connect will work in an Active/Active multi-site clustering configuration. Since most of the configurations apply to the whole cluster, how do I set two different address pools for each site.

Also, other than an external load-balancer or RR DNS solution, do I need to do anything on the back side to control how Network connect or other features route to the correct box?

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Re: Multi-Site Clustering and Network Connect

You can control the IP address that is being leased by individual nodes in a cluster.

1) Goto System->Network->Network Connect

2) Set IP address filter.

This tells what IP addresses will be leased by this node in the cluster as this setting is NOT a cluster wide setting.

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Re: Multi-Site Clustering and Network Connect

Another way, although a little more creative (no guarantuees) I had to use was the following:

- create an NC connection policy for each location, like LOCATION_NC_CPROFILE

- create a role like LOCATION_NC_USER

- now assign the role to everyone that logs on to a specific SA with a custom expression


For a user that connects in Paris, France:

- User is mapped to role FR-PARIS_NC-USER by MApping rule with custom expression 'Loginhost=192.168.1..1'

- FR-PARIS_NC-USER is assigned the FR-PARIS_NC-CPROFILE with network and all other options, like location-specific proxy, DNS etc etc.

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