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Multiple Read-Only Admin login

Occasional Contributor

Multiple Read-Only Admin login

Anyone has done the following requirement:

Read-Write Admin user logged in without affected by Read-Only Admin user.

Multiple Read-Only Admin users logged in without taking over each other session.

Currently, it seems the Juniper box cannot support simultaneous Read-Only Admin login?


f possible, what is the recommended method to provide access to more than 1 Read-Only admin users

concurrently log in to the box?

Valued Contributor

Re: Multiple Read-Only Admin login

Hey WorkerBee - you need to create multiple login's I think - it sounds like you may just be using the default admin login. Go to auth-servers, administrators, users and create different user names. Then map to whatever role you want - read-only, default...... Those individual users will not step on each other.

Super Contributor

Re: Multiple Read-Only Admin login

i let my AD take care of username and groups and as long as the users are part of a read only admin group in AD they get the read only admin role and we have had over 30 read only admins logged in at the same time.