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Multiples problems after upgrading to 9.1R2

Multiples problems after upgrading to 9.1R2

Our organization upgraded our platform last 28/10, from 9.0R3.4 to 9.1R2. After this, multiple issues have been detected, is there any documented bug in this version?


Our problems are focused in these issues:

- users with IE11: when they reboot their PCs, Host Checker isn't working properly, so they get a different role of which should have assigned. We think is related to this

- some users have roles where certains rights to internal access have stopped to work properly. This issue occurs only with this client, 9.1R2, because if they used another client (9.0R3.4) the same configuration works properly, and is we created a WSAM configuration, it also works.


someone with strange issues like those with this version?