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NC + Automated drive mapping...Must client PC be domain member???


NC + Automated drive mapping...Must client PC be domain member???

Hi there,

Just tinkering with the login/logout scripts with use with Network Connect. 

Right now I have a simple script, that maps my home drive @ the launch of NC, and a logoff script that removes it @ logoff. 

However, it only works when I use a domain-member machine (so if I bring my work laptop home it works,  but not if I try it with my wifes laptop). 

I know that we can do a bat file and such that users click to map, but that's not as seamless. I would've expected the IVE to use the credentials used @ logon to the IVE, not the PC's local credentials. 

Is there an easy/seamless way to get this to work with non-domain PC's? 

Related to this, we have users who are located on a university campus. They have work PC's, and the PCs' were originally domain boxes (machine accounts likely expired). They only connect to us by VPN (IPSEC or SSLVPN). They login to the PC locally, then launch NC. So the PC has either a local user account, or an old cached AD username/ password, which doesn't match their actual AD password (they expire every once in a while).

How to keep machine and user accounts on the remote PC's sync'd with AD?