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NC Split-Tunneling Exceptions

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NC Split-Tunneling Exceptions


I'm trying to determine if without breaking up a subnet say, if I can deny specific IPs through the tunnel to access locally say etc, but at the same time avoid breaking up my subnet definition within the split-tunneling profile.  I understand that there is a more granular detailed ruleset that can be applied to the rule, but this does not have any configuration for denying these IPs, just an accept action



Message Edited by JCouser on 12-11-2008 02:36 PM
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Re: NC Split-Tunneling Exceptions

From what I can tell, you're right-- you can only allow subnets for Split Tunneling, not disallow.

If the reason you need to do this is because your company uses the same subnets that almost every home network uses (like then it'd probably be a LOT better in the long run to get your company off that network anyway for a multitude of reasons. But, if all you're trying to do is give users access to their local subnet, you can set that in the Network Connect section of the Role.  "Enable Split Tunneling with allowed access to local subnet" would do the trick... or just "Allow access to local subnet" depending on the rest of your Split-Tunneling policy.