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NFS File share via IVE

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NFS File share via IVE


We have a need for one of our clients to upload flies to a Unix file share and are using the IVE to accomplish this. We are having an unusual issue when trying to mount an NFS share on both a Netapp and an AIX device with the IVE. We've configured NFS on both devices with wide open read / write privs and no authentication. Our attempts to connect to these NFS shares fail with a permission denied error on the IVE. We can mount this NFS share from any other device, such as a Linux or Windows workstation without any errors so we know the NFS configuration to be sound. Oddly enough we can mount an NFS share using the IVE to a Linux device and it works fine - so this indicates that our configuration on the IVE is correct...

Anyone out there had a similar experience? We beleive it to be related to the UID / GID the Juniper is putting out. (It sends a UID of 0 and a GID of 4294967295)



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Re: NFS File share via IVE

Hey Brian -

Can you tell me what IVE OS version you're using to do this NSF mounting? I know some versions have issues with NSF, and wanted to see if you're on one that may have problems.