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NGINX Reverse Proxy


NGINX Reverse Proxy

Hello, I have deployed and begun working on setting up as a reverse proxy for my network so I can more easily access content externally, as I am restricted to a single dynamic ip (residential.) I'm currently using the free version of Pulse Secure Connect to be able to access my internal network.


Is there any documentation on how to properly setup Pulse Secure Connect to work with an NGINX Reverse Proxy? Any help would be excellent, thanks!


Re: NGINX Reverse Proxy

Hi @jgs2765,


How would like to configure the Pulse Connect Secure for communicating with NGINX reverse proxy?


As far I know, there is no specific documentation related to working with NGINX. One method which I can think of is "Authorization-Only Access" mode, which is in simple terms to have the Pulse Connect Secure to act as a reverse proxy. Virtual Hostname (externally reachable) >>> Internal resource URL.

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Re: NGINX Reverse Proxy

What would you like to do with NGINX that the PCS does not provide?
It looks like they provide similar features