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Need help with a Microsoft Broker& load balancer

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Need help with a Microsoft Broker& load balancer



we are facing many issue trying to get pulse work on our environment. +- 200 terminal servers with a broker AND load balancer (the one embeded) for 20.000 clients. It seems the pulse is not directly compatible with a MS broker (2016 version) ? We found a "workaround" and we send the pulse to any of the server of the farm (and not the broker). IT works, in the way, the server ask the broker if any session exist. If no previous sessions exist, the loadbalancing works perfectly. But if the session already exist, it ask a second time the user to type his user and password. 




So my question :


1. Is pulse scure compatible with a microsoft broker (2016) ?

2. if not, how to avoid the double request of user&password using our work around ? 


Currently on our 2008 infra, we use an hardware LB and we are not facing the issue (we use a broker but not the loadbalancing of microsoft).


Thanks a lot !



Re: Need help with a Microsoft Broker& load balancer

1. Outside the way you are using it? no; that is the only way it can be used at this time
2. i am not sure if it can be avoided other than, possibly, trying to use SSO to see if that triggers it (but i am not familiar with the system to know if that is possible)

i would recommend reaching out to your account team to work with them on an enhancement request through the product team