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Netconnect DNS Issues

Occasional Contributor

Netconnect DNS Issues


Just wondering if anyone has encountered any issues with DNS resolution when using Netconnect.

Randomly I am getting users telling me that sites are not available via IE, I had not witnessed or been abe to replicate this until this morning. After doing a bit of investigation I have found the issue was with the DNS resolution.

If i tried to access a URL in IE7 the page would not be displayed usual 404 error.

If I pinged the name in the command prompt I got the name could not be found.

Yet doing an NSLOOKUP from command prompt chose the correct servers and was successful.

In running wireshark and trying all three again, I see that for the 2 that fail the DNS server being called is my local broadband router, and not the correctly configured corporate DNS servers, which are shown as configured under the IPconfig /all of the Juniper virtual adaptor.

I am running netconnect v6.1.0. And I have no split tunnelling etc enabled everything should be encrypted across the tunnel.

This has so far been very random, and after reconnecting a few times it has resolved itself.

Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated?