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Network Adapter - Unidentified Laptop

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Network Adapter - Unidentified Laptop



A client of mine has a 64-bit Win10 HP laptop (can find out model). This user has been using Pulse Secure + an AT&T Mobile broadband USB card to connect to the corporate network & access resources. Recently when connecting with Pulse Secure, The Junos Pulse Network Adapter has been problematic, indicating "Unidentified Network". I tried connecting to another remote network with good connectivity, and the network adapter still says "Unidentified Network". I tried renewing IP, flushing DNS, and reinstalling Pulse Secure, but the situation remains the same.


I've researched similar issues:


But they aren't exactly the same. Is the next step to troubleshoot with Wireshark?


Re: Network Adapter - Unidentified Laptop

Is the laptop domain joined or a personal one (non-domain joined)?

Do we have DNS suffix configured on the virtual adapter? (Status of the interface will display the value of connection DNS suffix).


"Unidentified network" will be noticed when connecting to VPN from a non-domain machine and thats expected.

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Re: Network Adapter - Unidentified Laptop

You can troubleshoot with wireshark to confirm that the response for the NCSI check is failing (meaning that the data is not being returned or the access is failing somewhere along the path)