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Network Connect 7.0 is breaking web connection

New Contributor

Network Connect 7.0 is breaking web connection


Hardware: MacBook Pro, 8,2

S/W: Mac OSX 10.6.8 running in 64-bit


Firefox 3.6.6

Safari 5.1


When Network Connect 7.0 makes the connection, I lose all web connections. I lose existing web connections and could not make new connections. I can't connect to the devices I VPN in to. Network connection just not possible at all.

Detailed Problem Description:

I SSL VPN to a company site using HTTPS, no problem able to connect. In order for me to connect to the devices, I need to run Network Connect, I click on start button on home page, for the first time, the site asked to intall plug-in Network Connect. It downloads and install Juniper Network Connect 7.0 with no issues. The issue does not start immediately, web coonection seems to be in order but in a matter of minutes all connections seems to die, refresh would just keep waiting for the site, new connection to any site - internal or external is not going thrugh. I can't telnet or ssh into the devices I need to get to internally. Basically, the network connectivity just dies. As soon as I sign out on Network Connect the connections comes back to life. I've tried different Macs and saw the same issue.

BTW, if I make the same SSL VPN connection, it seems to also load an applet but connection never died.

This must be a known issue that all Mac users is facing and yet I do not see any posts regarding this issue. Can I get some help?


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Re: Network Connect 7.0 is breaking web connection

1. Is this behaviour noticed onlay on macs or on Windows as well?

2. Is his a new configuration or was this setting working earlier?

3. How is the network Connect configured on the SA?

New Contributor

Re: Network Connect 7.0 is breaking web connection

I'm only experiencing the issue on a Mac. I have no issue connecting via web-based SSL VPN on windows.

This is a new set-up (new mac).

Sorry, I not familiar with acronym SA?

I'm not an administrator, I'm user having issue via web-based SSL VPN.

The Network Connect have a diagnostic window that collect logs, I can provide them if needed, maybe you will have better understanding of the log than me.


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Re: Network Connect 7.0 is breaking web connection

It sounds like your admin has not provided you access to any resources. If you open terminal (/Appications/Utilitites), can you successfully ping to a server you should be able to connect to? If you run traceroute toYourServer, what happens?


If you like, you can add the logs, but sounds like the failure is on the config/inernal network. The behavior you describe matches what happens when the admin enables the connection to send all through the Network Connect tunnel and then chooses to not define allowed servers.


This is not something is common to the Mac; it is expected to work without an issue (I know many who use it for this, including myself). SA means "Secure Access"; it is one of the acronyms available for the remote access device that provides Network Connect access.