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Network Connect - DNS

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Network Connect - DNS


When clients connect to our network connect policy the do not get assigned a DNS suffix. Thefore when they need to connect to a server the fully qualified domain name has to be used.

The NC policy says to use the IVEs DNS settings, which has the DNS comane of ourcompany.local assigned, along with two DNS server.

When a client connects using NC they can't resolve a hostname of a server unless they use the full name e.g. server1.ourcompany.local.

Any ideas how i can fix this?



Re: Network Connect - DNS

Go to Users -> Resource Policies -> Network Connect -> NC Connection Profiles.

In there edit your connection profile.

In older versions there is a DNS tab, in the latest version it is all in one page.

Set the DNS suffix you want to use under the DNS section.

Then select the radial button to "Use Device's DNS settings then use Client".

Select the tick box to auto-allow IPs in DNS settings if you are using split tunneling and they are not in your routing policy.

Re-connect and it should work.