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Network Connect Deployment

New Contributor

Network Connect Deployment

My company is trying to deploy Network Connect to about 500 users using Microsoft SCCM. It is not a problem deploying the downloaded NCInst.exe. However, we cannot seem to figure out how to get the sign-on URL pre-populated during deployment. It could potentially be an administrative nightmare to not have this pre-populated. Anyone know how to this? Thanks,Brian
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Re: Network Connect Deployment

Network Connect stores its previous connection information at the following location for Windows platform:

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Juniper Networks\Network Connect 6.1.0\versionInfo.ini

(substitue the proper version of your NC install in the path)

I was able to manipulate the versionInfo.ini file (parameter URL_0) to prepopulate the required URL to use for logging in. Hope this helps.


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Re: Network Connect Deployment

We just deploy custom shortcuts on the desktop to the https:// site.