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Network Connect Icon not dissapearing at session close


Network Connect Icon not dissapearing at session close



I'm getting compliants from users regarding Network Connect on window for what I consider to be incredibly minor but somehow I'm getting chewed out over it..I'm going to raise a TAC case as well, but I wondered if anyone else has run into this and has come up with a better solution.


In a nutshell, when the user logs into network connect, logs out and then logs in again, they can end up with multiple instances of the NC icon on the task bar.  If you however the mouse over it, they disapear, leaving the active process icon on the tray.  To me that it's a "so what", seems most often reported on XP (Windows 7 has a better task bar IMO) but I'm getting grief over it.


I've found various sample code on how to forcibly refresh the icon tray, but nothing that I can use without compiling as an executable and having to distribute it. I'm aware a can run a command when NC stops, but in context I'm not sure that is going to help.


Anyone got any bright ideas?






Re: Network Connect Icon not dissapearing at session close

I know what you mean, and I believe that it is a Windows fault, not anything to do with Juniper.

We get the same thing with other applications too.

If it really bothers them that much then configure the taskbar to hide the icon and notifications.