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Network Connect Issues

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Network Connect Issues

I have a user that is getting Knocked off Everytime NC come up. Just his machine, he can log on using another machine just fine.

is the Error

The Log file says this.::

2009/07/29 11:03:06.166 dsNetworkConnect: p5704 t1624 "" 'NetworkConnect' [ERROR] No merged PAC created.

So what is this "No Merged PAC created" mean?

ANy help would be great.

So far::

Uninstalled all components

Did System Restore from a point two weeks ago, When it DID work... still nothing

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Re: Network Connect Issues

Check if they have Apple's Bonjour installed. If so, see:


Might help.



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Re: Network Connect Issues

pac stands for proxy auto config. did you confgure a pac file at your network connect connection profile? like "external pac-file"?