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Network Connect Sessions Dropping off on Canadian users

New Contributor

Network Connect Sessions Dropping off on Canadian users

I have an issue right now with some Canadian users and their sessions.

I have one realm that supports various remote users that login from various parts of North America; California, New York, and Canada. The users from CA. and NY. have no issues with thier sessiosn.

The login, auto launch network connect, and then run email and SAP.

There are 2 Canadian users who are logging into the same realm and they consistenly have their sessions drop after 1 t o2 hours of work. My timeouts are set for 23 hours so I know that they are not timing out.

I'm wondering if anyone out there in Juniepr world has ever experiecned something like this before and were you able to find an answer for the issue?

Thanks in advance.

New Contributor

Re: Network Connect Sessions Dropping off on Canadian users

Hi Steven,

I have the same issue in the UK were we have concurrent user, are getting kicked out the problem we are experiencing is that it's with one company.

The issue seems to be related with another issue with multiple loggins, I done some testing on our 2 relms as we can not pin it down to one user either.

I have tried all sorts like checking the we end user connect in but the only fix I have found for a work around is to remove host checker and cache cleanner, I do not no if this will work for you but worth a try hope it helps