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Network Connect / Switch User on Windows 7


Network Connect / Switch User on Windows 7

We are running 7.2R2 on SA-4500.  Once logged onto SSL VPN and Network Connect has launched, the icon shows in the system tray.  When perfoming a Switch User and logging in as another domain user, the Network Connect session is maintained, which is good and what we want. 


However, I noticed the Network Connect icon is no longer in the system tray.  Is this by design and is there a way it can be displayed when the new user is logged in?  Just curious.  Thanks

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Re: Network Connect / Switch User on Windows 7

the Juniper clients are installed under the users profiles. So the network connect is running on the first users profile if you do a switch user and go to the 2nd user it is not going to have the network connect client etc. This user will need to go back to the login portal and install the Network connect and host checker etc again. The only thing that does not install under a profile is Juniper Installer service.


So in short you can say that this is by design. Smiley Happy