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Network Connect and FTP

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Network Connect and FTP

I'm having a very strange issue with the network connect 6.3 client and ftp/sftp. The network connect app connects and works fine for almost everything, ssh, telnet, vnc, ms terminal services and samba between myself and the remote network. I can transfer files via samba and ms terminal services with no problems. As soon as I start recieving data via ftp/sftp transfer, my connection stalls and network connect stops recieving data. I can send data via ftp/sftp without problems. Any ideas?

Re: Network Connect and FTP

I encountered myself problems with ESP and the transport protocol within network connect!

Should be fixed with the newest release 6.3R2 higher.

Test it, by switching to oNCP and look if the problem still exists.

The reason for the problem was different mtu sizes of the components in the network path.

good luck,

Ate RocKz