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Network Connect and Symantec Blue Screen

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Network Connect and Symantec Blue Screen

I'm having a problem with Network Connect and Norton Anti-Virus 2008.

There appears to be a conflict between the Symantec Redirector, SYMNDIS, and Network Connect. As far as I know, the Redirector has been included in the Norton Firewall products for a while, but now it's also part of the basic anti-virus package. Even if you disable "Internet Worm Protection" (a very basic firewall feature), it still wants to load the redirector in order to scan incoming/outgoing e-mail.

When Network Connect is active, the PC will eventually blue screen (after a seemingly random time interval) with a Device IRQ error. The PC is running WinXP SP2.

I'm still on IVE OS 5.3R10, so I'm hoping the solution is as simple as using an upgraded OS.

Has anyone else run into this problem and found a solution?

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Re: Network Connect and Symantec Blue Screen

Hi, try NC with latest OS package, 5.3 is a little bit old release. In a case of bluescreen with 6.0rX would I advice you to open a support ticket.