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Network Connect and Websense Cloud security.

Occasional Contributor

Network Connect and Websense Cloud security.

We have a problem between NC version 7.1 and websense cloud security. Websense cloud security client is install on a client machine,


This client is used to pass authentication info transparently to the cloud and also to manipulate the proxy settings on the client machine. 


Network connect connection profile is set to no proxy. I try to change that settings for the " preserve client side proxy" but did not work either. 


NC behaviour is : it seem to be connecting, but drop the connection after a couple of second. 


When we remove the Websense client, NC works has expected. 


Do i have to change a proxy setting of the NC connection profile ? Does someone have any thought on the subject ? 

I dont seem to see something obvious in the NC local client log.






Super Contributor

Re: Network Connect and Websense Cloud security.

Is there a proxy set on the client browser by the websense client, if yes what does the setting look like example pac file,manual proxy etc