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Network Connect bandwidth issues

Occasional Contributor

Network Connect bandwidth issues

I'm on an SA-2000 with 75 potential users at one time.

I recently had a complaint about bandwidth to servers in a WAN location.

The SA and the WAN location are in different datacenters and connected via ipsec vpn.

Using iperf (10 TCP connections), I've done some bandwidth tests.

Home to WAN server (over NC - Saturday): 1.14 Mbit/s

Home to WAN server (over NC - Sunday): 3.28 Mbit/s

Home to Datacenter Server (over NC - using compression, this isn't on by default): 19.2Mbit/s

Home to WAN server (over NC - using compression): 7.25 Mbit/s

Datacenter Server to WAN Server: 52.7Mbit/s

Home to Datacenter Server (VIP on Firewall): 5.62Mbit/s

Datacenter Server to Home (VIP on my firewall at home): 20.3 Mbit/s

Compression seems like it helps a lot. But I haven't deployed this yet because I wanted to find out how it might impact our users and if there is any cons to using this. We are currently at about 6% cpu utilization so I'm not to sure how this will also impact us. Does anyone have an opinion on this?

Has anyone done anything differently to achieve better results for their Network Connect users?