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Network Connect causing laptop hang


Network Connect causing laptop hang

We have an odd issue that seems to be happening to a few users. I am working with JTac, but a post is always a good resource. Hopefully someone has seen this one.

Sometimes when my users log out of using Network Connect, their laptop will hang. It will not respond to anything, but if they remove the network cable or disconnect their wireless connection, functionality is restored. It seems like network connect or some other process is holding the connection open.

A similar thing that is seen is soemthing when NC drops, the laptop will again freeze. I am think ing it is the same issue that is causing the issue, but what it is I am not sure.

We are running v7.0 R3 and using Windows XP SP3. The issue is not something I can reproduce or one I have seen so it is hard to pinpoint the cause. Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this.