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Network Connect installation in SVW failing on Win7 64-bit with IE8


Network Connect installation in SVW failing on Win7 64-bit with IE8

Hi all


I am having difficulty getting Network Connect installed on a Windows 7 device after initiating Secure Virtual Workspace.  The SVW installs and runs fine, and the NC installer runs (autolaunched on login), takes a long time, then the installation window closes but the web page it was launched from sticks on "Please wait... Launching Network Connect".   According to Control Panel, NC is not installed and no NC application is running.


I tried installing NC from the installation file downloaded from the IVE, and the 64-bit version installed OK.  However, when I log into the SA from inside the SVW, it is immediately de-installs NC and attempts to re-install it with the same issues.


Once the PC has got into this state, if I click on the Home button in the home page, then click on the Network Connect button, I am requested to approve Java to run NeoterisSetup then JuniperSetupClientInstaller.exe, and the Home page displays


In order to continue the operation you need to install a setup client. Please click here to install setup package. You must enable either ActiveX or Java to run the downloaded setup client.

Once the setup client is installed, please click here to continue.

Please click here to login to the realms without Host Checker.

If you do not want to proceed, please click here to go back.


After a few moments, we get




The OS is Windows 7 Enterprise SP1, with IE8 (default 32 bit, though 64 bit is installed).  Both 64-bit and 32-bit Java are installed.  I have disabled all host IPS, firewalls, etc.


Any ideas?


Re: Network Connect installation in SVW failing on Win7 64-bit with IE8

Further info.  The NC installer works fine on the same PCs as long as SVW is not running (i.e. logging into a role that does not require or initiate SVW).  After NC is installed, we can run the SVW with NC together, it's just the installer that gets stuck, and only if SVW is running.


We have allowed custom applications in SVW to no avail.


Any thoughts?