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Network Connect vs Junos Routing

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Network Connect vs Junos Routing

I am by no means a vpn firewall guru so please be gentleSmiley Wink

We recently added a new subnet to our network. I updated the Resources Policies/ Split-tunneling Networks/ users Resources ton include the new subnet.

Under Network/ Routes I added the new destination Network also.

For computers who connect they are able to get to this subnet.

If we use our phone with the Junos Pulse client it can reach the old subnets but not this new one.

What am I missing?

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Re: Network Connect vs Junos Routing

I am a n00b so take this with a pinch of salt.


As resource policies apply to roles, I would check your authentication realm settings to see if there are rules that map your users to a different role when they are connecting from their phones. If so, check that split tunneling is enabled under the VPN tunneling > Options page for that user role.


Then check the settings under Resource Policies > VPN Tunneling > Split Tunneling Networks, and make sure that the policy that allows access to the new subnet includes the role that the phone users are mapped to.


Hope this helps!