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Network Drive Access - WSAM?


Network Drive Access - WSAM?

I'd like some users to be able to map network drives whilst using corporate machines rather than use web file browsing.

I created a resource profile based WSAM Client Application using the inbuilt "Netbios File Browsing" type, and in the "Resource" I simply entered the netbios name of our server i.e. SERVER not a FQDN and set the Autopolicy on SAM Access Control.

When I start WSAM on the client and browse to \\SERVER it times out - I don't see much traffic in the WSAM application either.

I'm pretty sure I'm following the instructions here? The server is a regular Windows 2003 File Server.

If I launch Network Connect I can browse/map no problem so it's something I'm not quite doing right with WSAM.

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Re: Network Drive Access - WSAM?

From our experience I don't think browsing to a share will work through WSAM. Mapping using net use does work but the format of the command must be:

net use * \\server\share /user:username

(can replace * with a drive letter)

The important bit is the /user: paramater. If you replace username with %USERNAME% it will connect with the signed in user.


Re: Network Drive Access - WSAM?

Thanks for the reply.

The vendor has taken a tcpdump of a session so fingers crossed - seems to be a bit of an issue with all VPN's that Microsoft's proprietary stuff combined with their own can cause some "fun" if you don't just want to jump in with Network Connect level access.

Maybe I'm just overly cautious but even on corporate machines I can't see the point of dumping someone on the LAN if they just need to map network drives.

My main concern with the web file browser is that someone opens a Word document directly, edits it, hits save (so it's saved locally) then logs off and the cache cleaner deletes it..

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Re: Network Drive Access - WSAM?


I have been able to do this. You have to perform 2 steps:

First, the SAM client application for Netbios file browsing. It will just allow name resolution as far as I've seen. Nothing to put into autopolicy

Then, create a SAM destination profile to allow traffic to the file server. I used something like: 10.x.x.x/32:137-139,445

Then it worked.