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Network Drive Access via Windows Explorer?


Network Drive Access via Windows Explorer?

Does anyone know if there is a roadmap for the SA series that will make mapping network drives a bit more pleasant?

Realistically for the average non-technical user, all the "Connect As" stuff is a complete no-go, so we don't try to use WSAM we simply get the user to use Network Connect.

I guess I'm a little surprised that a major player such as Juniper hasn't come up with some mechanism where you allocated a bunch of UNC paths with a role, and when someone logs in and is assigned that role, the drives get mapped, and when you logout they get disconnected.

I wondered if anything is in the works?



Re: Network Drive Access via Windows Explorer?


Have you tried the Network Connection Session start script options? (Under the specific role and NC options)

You can specify the UNC path for the script and make it based on some username the user enters at the beginning entering \\SERVERNAME\PATH<USERNAME>.bat. In the session end script you could specify a scripte containing just a net use /d.

I hope this helps.



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Re: Network Drive Access via Windows Explorer?

I don't think anyone has said anything about that in the past; if they have, I haven't been the one to work on it.

The way to find out if this is in the works, and if not request it, would be to contact your account rep and ask them for an enhancement request for this.

there may be limitations with the WSAM architecture that don't allow this, but it would be interesting if it i could be done.