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Network Level Authentication (NLA) Support

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Network Level Authentication (NLA) Support

As the result of the lastest exploits. Some hardened and newer windows versions are requiring NLA to login with smartcards (PIV) or tokens for Remote Desktop Access. What is Pulse Secure official position on this? Other vendors are having similar issues with NLA not working for them. F5 - VMWare and others.

KB21244 - NLA (Network Level Authentication) is not supported via Terminal Services (Windows Server ...

Also when will HTML5 TS support smartcard logins? This is a huge issue in the goverment space?


Re: Network Level Authentication (NLA) Support

Can you test with 9.1R1, please? There is a new option in the terminal service bookmark that allows smart cards with NLA.
I would recommend working with your account team to get an enhancement request in for HTML5 support of smart cards. This will allow the product management team to be aware of the customers that require this.