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Network connect IP range

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Network connect IP range

Is it possile to have a network connect IP range that is on a different subnet that the SA2000's internal IP addresss?

For example, say the SA2000 is

Is it possible to create a network connect profile that uses the range to

I'm guess that the switch interface that this connects to will need to be configured as a trunk, and in the netscreen firewall a new zone/interface would need to be configured in the range.

Anyone else has experience doing this?



Re: Network connect IP range

Yes, you can do that, and you don't need to do a trunk port. You just need to enter a static route on your router (or layer 3 switch) so that anything to will be routed to your SA2000 IP address of

If you are using Cisco equipment, the config would look like this:

ip route

It depends on your network and router design as to where that route would go.