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No VMware View 5 support in 7.2

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Re: No VMware View 5 support in 7.2

Pre-5.2 should work; 5.2 changes the ciphers and we are working on updating to meet the new requirement.
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Re: No VMware View 5 support in 7.2



We upgrade to 7.4r to use the Virtual desktop profile with a Vmware View in v 5.2 and it works well. But we still need to provide an access through a web browser for some mobile device.

Because it is possible to get just an access (https) to the connexion server to access to the VDI, i have juste configured the web ressource profile to open a https access to this server.


The result is very good. I have the virtual desktop on an IPAD but i am disconnected every 10 seconds. I do not have the problem in LAN even through a proxy. Do you know what can be the problem?