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No internet access after disconnect from VPN

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No internet access after disconnect from VPN

Hi, I have few users that are experiencing problem with accessing internet after disconnect from VPN(during VPN connection internet works perfectly).
I've tried disabling proxy, vpn adapter, windows firewall and antivirus, but no result.
I can ping and access gateway (, but I can't access any sites or ping anything from internet(I've tried, it's says "Request timed out". I'm out of any ideas what it could be and what I need to check, I'll be very thankful for any ideas, thanks a lot.


Re: No internet access after disconnect from VPN

# What is the VPN tunnel mode? full or split or FQDN split tunnel?


# Do we see the internal DNS servers present on the physical interface (LAN or WiFi) after disconnecting from VPN?


# Do we see default gateway/default route present? please check the same using route print command.

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