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No "Non-Java ICA Client with Web Interface (NFuse)" in SA-700

New Contributor

No "Non-Java ICA Client with Web Interface (NFuse)" in SA-700

Dear my friend,

I want to config my SA-700 for XenApp service. But I found the template don't have "Non-Java ICA Client with Web Interface (NFuse)" for me to choose. How can I make it show on my config ? Thank you.

New Contributor

Re: No "Non-Java ICA Client with Web Interface (NFuse)" in SA-700

I think I found the answer myself:

Licensing: Web rewriting availability

Web rewriting is a standard feature on all Secure Access appliances except the SA700. If you are using an SA-700 appliance, you must install a Core Clientless Accessupgrade license in order to access baseline Web rewriting features. Note, however, that the following advanced Web rewriting features are not available on the SA 700,

even if you have the Core Clientless Access upgrade license:

  • Task summary: Configuring the Web rewriting feature
  • Remote SSO
  • W-SAM & J-SAM rewriting policies (available through Web application resourceprofiles)
  • Non-Java ICA rewriting options (available through Citrix templates)