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Node replacement - mag4610 running v8.3

New Member

Node replacement - mag4610 running v8.3



Is anyone able to point me in the right direction for the detailed process of replacing a faulty node in our cluster?  We have 2 x MAG4610 units and our secondary unit failed, I can find a process for replacing the unit:

This article says "If you are attempting to join a cluster using the serial console in 8.2R5 and above then refer KB40819".  However, the link just takes you to the general knowledge base and when you search for KB40819 is just lists the above article & KB16146 that references KB40819, so you just end up in a loop.


I've tried searching for the KB article seperately but just comes up with the above reference to again...I really need to confirm the exact process for our MAG4610 units running v8.3.


Any help is gratefully received.