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Not overwrite DNS in client (pulse client)

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Not overwrite DNS in client (pulse client)



We are creating a VPN Tunneling User Role configuration with Split Tunneling Enable. So we have found a issue. The configuration sent by the client Pulse overwrites the DNS configuration of the client device, regardless of whether it is manual configuration or received by DHCP.
Due to this, the DNS resolution of the client is lost and the resolution priority is invalidated (client side or tunnel side).
Due to the profile of the user group that you are going to access, it is necessary to preserve the local DNS settings.


Model PSA5000-V version 9.1R1. 


So how can configure this keeping the client DNS config, and not to be overwritten by pulse config?




Re: Not overwrite DNS in client (pulse client)

On the VPN tunneling connection profile, please set the DNS search order to any of first two options (Client first, then device or Device first, then client) and check the behaviour.

Overwriting the client side DNS with the tunnel DNS servers will happen if the DNS search is set to "Device DNS only" or using FQDN based split tunneling policies.
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