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Notification messages

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Notification messages

We are replacing our existing Juniper SA4500 hardware with a MAG4500 cluster.  


We want to keep both clusters active so that we can fail back to the old cluster should we have any issues.  So on the migration day we will create a pre sign-in notification message informing the users of the old system that it is no longer available and to use the new system. In essence all we want is a flat web page with just a message.  


However although we can remove the "decline" button on the notification message we cannot remove the "Proceed" message.  So once the users have read the message they can still click on proceed which will then run the host check.  


Is there any way to also remove the "Proceed" button so that users just get a message page with no buttons.

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Re: Notification messages

Hi Chris,


You change the default behaviour using the "Custom page" instead the Standard Pages.


Some time ago I've done similar because we change the URL of the appliance.


Don't forget to test it agains all your clients (Junos Pulse, Network Connect , Browsers, etc)