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ODBC through WSAM

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ODBC through WSAM

We are trying to configure an ODBC connection to an MS SQL server through WSAM. We create a System DSN using the SQL Server driver. The connection will only work if we use the IP address. It won't work if we use just the hostname or the FQDN.

I look at the WSAM log on the client and it shows that it resolves the name (via NetBIOS for just the hostname and via DNS with the FQDN) but the connection test only succeeds by IP.

We have two SA-4000's in an A/P cluster running v6.0r6. We have an upgrade to v6.3r5 scheduled for next week.

Any thoughts on what I can look at to resolve this?


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Re: ODBC through WSAM


It sounds like you have a name resolution issue. How is the name specified in the client application? Typically, I use IP's within WSAM since it doesn't have to match the client. Once WSAM detects the IP and the destination port it will route it via the tunnel. Is there an issue with using an IP in the WSAM config or are you changing the client app as well?