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OWA 2007 IVE and printing

New Contributor

OWA 2007 IVE and printing

We've got OWA 07 behind our IVE and everything is working great except when users attempt to use the print button after opening an e-mail. The users get an error message :

The item that you attempted to access appears to be corrupted and cannot be accessed.

Running 6.3R5

Attachments, previews and everything else work just fine. We have the following autopolicy caching entries:

[owa-host]:443/80/owa/attachment.ashx?attach=1* => "Unchanged"

[owa-host]:443/80/owa/WebReadyView.aspx?t=att&t* => "No-Cache"

[owa-host]:443/80/* => "Unchanged"

Anyone else seen this?

Thanks -



Re: OWA 2007 IVE and printing

Hello Brian,

This is one known issue. It has been fixed in IVE OS 6.4R4 and 6.5R2.

6.4R4 release notes:

Printing in OWA 2007 now works (471050)

Only 6.4R4 has been released for now, 6.5R2 will be out in a few weeks.

Please review the 6.4R4 release notes before upgrading.



New Contributor

Re: OWA 2007 IVE and printing

Thanks for the info. Can't believe I missed that. Will look over the release notes and see what we can do!