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OWA 2010 Script Error via Rewrite Proxy

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OWA 2010 Script Error via Rewrite Proxy


we have a SA 4500 Version 7.1R1.1 (build 17943).

At the moment we have a resource profile for OWA 2010 of type Microsoft OWA 2010.

The users complain that it's extremly slow and also the external links are not working (i know this is working as expected )

Before migration to Exchange 2010 we used OWA 2003 via a passthrough proxy. Everything worked fine and the users were happy with it.

If i now try to set up OWA 2010 via a passthrough proxy i always get script errors when i open the addressbook, seasrch for a user and so on. This only occures with Internet Explorer not with Firefox.

Has anybody any advice how to correctly set up OWA 2010 via a passthroughproxy?