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OWA to Exchange 2007 Client Access Server

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OWA to Exchange 2007 Client Access Server


We have an existing Ex2K7 CAS server at a distant site connected to the Internet.  It provides OWA using urls like as well as Autodiscovery and Outlook Anywhere. However there are performance problems and we also need to start Host Checking the clients which connect.

Therefore I would like to start using our new local Ex2K7 in conjunction with our Juniper SA4500, and I've created DNS entries internally and externally for a new url - - which point to the new CAS server.

I think I need to purchase a 3rd party SSL certificate for and install it on the OWA IIS CAS server.

Do I also need to install it on the SA4500 for OWA to work?

There's already a certificate on the Juniper for a different domain, so they should co-exist ok? If the domains did conflict would it be best to remove the older one?

Any advice on whether to purchase a wildcard or multiple domain certificate?


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Re: OWA to Exchange 2007 Client Access Server

If users are continuing to use the same URL for connecting to the IVE, you will not need to change anything for the IVE certificate.

You may need to import the certificate into the Trusted Server certificates (System>Configuration>Certificates>Trusted Server Certificates) to confirm it is trusted as well as the intermediate chain into the intermediate certificate store (System>Configuration>Certificates>Device Certificates, import intermediate certificates).