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Offering both Pulse and NC multi-platforms supported ?


Offering both Pulse and NC multi-platforms supported ?

I'd like to offer Pulse to those platforms that can use it and Network Connect for any Mac and Linux users.

But my userbase are vendors and users we don't directly support and would like the Pulse/NC offered through the portal rather than seperate download.

Anyway to have Pulse and NC on the same portal page or one or the other based on platform the user is signed in with?

Also anyone figured out a way to have timeouts different for Pulse mobile and PC install?

Thanks all.

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Re: Offering both Pulse and NC multi-platforms supported ?

This can be done with different roles for the different platforms. How you choose to assign roles for the different groups is up to you, but you can have a role for Windows users (Pulse) and a role for Mac/Linux (Network Connect), and mobile users. This will cause the correct software to be presented to the desktop for download. Each role can also have customized session timers (if desired). But, yes, you are correct that it is not possible to have one role deliver both clients. Users can all login to the same portal URL, but you will then handle the processing seamlessly on the backend with role mapping rules (with little or no user interaction depending on how many realms you want to use).