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Offline files issue


Offline files issue

I've got a case open with juniper support for this, but haven't heard anything off them in a few days so hopefully someone else has had a similar issue and can propose a solution?

SA4500, using 6.5R2 with Network connect.

users log on to the laptop using cached credentials, their offline cache of My documents works fine.
They then fire up Network Connect and come in to the corporate network. Pinging everything works fine, email works fine etc.

For about 50% of our users, "My documents" stays offline, and trying to access anything else in the same DFS root location fails - but other DFS roots, even if to the same files, work fine

eg, if user's "My Documents" maps to \\corp\user\PHIL\My documents, then everything in \\corp fails (it only shows the offline cache), but anything in \\newcorp works fine.

Disabling offline files & clearing the cache makes the locations accessible via network connect, but we don't want to take offline files away from our users for obvious reasons. Disabling slow link detection doesn't resolve the issue.

And there's no obvious difference between users it works for and users it fails for!

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Re: Offline files issue

I have fallen out of love with my documents redirection. I haven't developed a full fledged hatred yet, but that could be in my future.

Over the last three years I've run into a number of strange interactions with this feature and other software. It doesn't work with the finger swipe security on Dell laptops. It doesn't sync mdb files for some strange reason. And pst files of any larger size also seem to fail to sync. I've been ripping this out in favor of sync programs instead.

But I digress on my little tantrum and you want an actual solution to your problem.

The first place I would look is the group policy relationship between the computer object and the user object in active directory. The my documents redirection policy is part a computer policy and part a user policy. When you apply the policy in the active directory tree you need to make sure the same policy applies to BOTH the computer object and the user object that is logging in. I've seen strange behavior like this when the policy is in the tree so that it only applies to one object. Or when the computer object was moved after the creation of the offline cache on the computer.

I would also check is for differences in the Windows firewall settings on the two different groups, those that work and those that don't. Perhaps there is a setting there that is getting in the way of the traffic.

Also check for any security related software on the computer. I eventually had to remove Embassy trust suite from laptops as it just wouldn't allow the sync on my documents to work. But the worst part of that was it appeared to work but really wasn't syncing the files. Other software that may cause problems are any hard drive security or locking programs. I found that the sync was being seen by some as a nefarious attempt to access files because of the hidden folder nature of where the files were located.

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Re: Offline files issue

Lord_Edam did you ever get an answer from Juniper on this issue? I am encountering the same issue and don'e see a way around it