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Outlook plugin authentication / RSA /AD

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Outlook plugin authentication / RSA /AD

I'm just getting going with SecureMeeting and have most everything good to go and I'd really like my users to be able to use the Outlook plugin to work with meetings.

I'm using a combination of RSA and AD for user authentication to access the the website, however I ~really~ don't want my users at least while in the office to have to have to enter in their RSA information if at all possible, to if nothing else just schedule a meeting from inside Outlook. As is is in my testing from what I can tell you setup your information in the meeting, it dosent authenticate if you use RSA and forces you to go to the web page and enter everything in and after all that THEN it allows you to schedule a meeting.

Is there a way around all this that anyone may be able to offer information on?

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Re: Outlook plugin authentication / RSA /AD


Unfortunately the Secure Meeting pluging for outlook requires a static password. The password used with RSA is dynamic, so it will change on every log on and can only be used once (OTP == one time password).