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I wanna be able to download my e-mails to Microsoft Outlook cliente through the IVE. I activate the email client option, I configure my http proxy on mail client, but It still not working, even if I configure Netwrok connect or even trying SAM

What can I configure this?

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Re: Outlook

Hi Paty,

NC and WSAM require and ACL to be set, and posibley the application (depending on the setting on WSAM).

What version of code is the IVE running? What are the settings? Calling support may expidite the resolution.


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Re: Outlook

I've done this successfully using JSAM and configuring Outlook 2003 for RPC over HTTP. Don't recommend using NC - that is using a howitzer to kill a fly. Certainly could also use WSAM - it is one of the standard apps there. But you do need to make sure your SAM access list in either case allows the traffic.

I've never configured the email client. Don't think that is terribly useful for your requirement.