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Overriding authentication type on the client side?

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Overriding authentication type on the client side?

From inside the network, accesses to uses NTLM authentication. However, it seems like our administrators have enabled site-wide domain-based authentication, so every time I try to access the page, it shows username/password/realm form instead of username/password/domain. Unfortunately, our IT support is incredibly slow to respond to anything, so I'm trying to find a workaround so I can continue to do my job.

I know if I can get the login to succeed once, it'll hold the credentials for a period of time and access to the site will work. Is there a POST parameter or something I can set in my browser that will tell Pulse Secure to not use domain authentication, but use NTLM instead? Thanks!

Re: Overriding authentication type on the client side?

So when you get the username/password/realm form and enter your username/password/domain in the form does it not work?

Unfortunately there is no setting on client side (as an end user) that you can make which will allow you to perform Single Sign On or credential caching.

However your IT team that manages the server (PCS gateway) can easily configure single sign-on and/or credential caching across sessions.