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PCS DNS behaviour changes


PCS DNS behaviour changes



Our VPN assigned DNS Servers are unable to resolve internet addresses. 

We have split tunneling disabled. 


However PCS clients are still able to use the local DNS Server for lookups.

it also seems to change the behavior of DNS where it responds with a valid no address, but still asks the next server.


Is there a way of blocking the local DNS once connected?




Re: PCS DNS behaviour changes

You would like to block the local DNS usage when connected to VPN as a full tunnel? Hmm...per my understanding, Windows 10 would use both DNS servers (local & tunnel) for name resolution. If you're tunnel DNS server responds with "No such name" (RCODE 0), then Windows would fallback and use the response provided by the local DNS.


To stop this, either you need to switch to split tunnel with Device DNS only option selected or make your tunnel DNS server to respond with "name error" (RCODE 3). 


I am interested to know the reason behind this particular request. can you please elaborate on the need in-hand?

PCS Expert
Pulse Connect Secure Certified Expert