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PCS upgrade process / client side

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PCS upgrade process / client side

Good afternoon,


I've read on the documentation that once I upgrade PCS appliance, I have to browse to "Components" and "Activate" the new client package, to make it available to upgrade process.


Once updated, the factory version included in the .pkg becomes the "default" one


I'm a little bit confused as on one appliance upgraded to 11.5, i "Activated" the new version, and see absolutely no visual difference (i.e. "Activate" button grayed out?)


On another appliance upgraded to 11.4, I did not click on "Activate" so clients should not be prompted to upgrade their version. However if I connect with and older client, I am prompted to upgrade (and nothing happends, seems to be a bug in 11.4 && 11.5)


Can someone confirm me if I understood correctly the process

1- upgrade the appliance

2- if new package not "activated", clients won't upgrade (even if Options > Enable Pulse Secure upgrade clients is ticked)

3- then I "Activate" the new version, and clients will be prompted to upgrade


As both 11.4 and 11.5 have a problem with the upgrade process, I'm not sure how it's supposed to work.





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Re: PCS upgrade process / client side

Hello.  Thanks for posting.  Unfortunately I don’t have a resolution, but can related to your problem.  I’m confused and a bit frustrated to say the least.  At any rate, I have been trying to work through two issues, which the second issue overlaps a bit with your efforts:

  1. Restoring browser-based logins
  2. Restoring working upgrade prompt via PDC (Pulse Desktop Client) logins

With regard to your experience, I think whatever Pulse Client version has the radio/option button selected when navigating to Users > Pulse Secure Client > Components is the current active one.  I wish it was a little more evident on the UI.  But, I have the same experience as you, when I have an older version of PDC on a Windows endpoint and login to the 9.1R11.5 PCS device, I do get prompted for the upgrade, but then NOTHING after I click “Upgrade”.  I was sure hoping that the upgrade prompt was going to be resolved in 9.1R11.5, but that does not appear to be the case.


For your 9.1R11.4 issues... I see in in the release notes for 9.1R11.4 there is a known issue - (PRS-400668):

Symptom: Pulse Desktop Client (PDC) always displays upgrade prompt even when client version on the endpoint and the server are same. Clicking on upgrade prompt performs no action (Cosmetic/UI issue).

Condition: Occurs when the Pulse Desktop Client has Symantec signed binaries and the PCS on which it is hosted (9.1R11.3/ 9.1R10.2/ 9.1R9.2/ 9.1R8.4) is signed by Digicert.

Workaround: Disable End-point upgrade on Pulse Connect Secure (PCS). Enable again only when a higher version of PDC is activated on PCS and let the users trigger the client upgrade through the browser.


For my situation, I am testing PCS 9.1R11.5. And I will add though that I have Pulse Client package 9.1R10 as my active client package (my company’s current standard), so my testing has been trying to get the upgrade prompt to upgrade my 9.1R7 client to 9.1R10 in my testing.  But I don’t think the client version matters; as you indicate I think it’s a bug or two with 9.1R4 and 9.1R5.


I think your steps are correct though.  If you are wanting to run PCS 9.1R5 and for clients to have PDC 9.11R5, then yea, upgrade the appliance, activate the new PDC, and ensure the “Enable web installation and automatic upgrade of Pulse Secure clients" option is checked. Historically that has worked, but seems to be bug(s) with the latest versions.


I probably didn’t state anything in here you didn’t already know, but know you are aren’t the only one having issues.  I’ll likely be opening a support case and see what the best path forward is.


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Re: PCS upgrade process / client side

Does anybody know if 9.1R12 solves the automatic client updating issue?  I know there was another post on this problem, but I can't find it. 

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Re: PCS upgrade process / client side

Bumping this again because I am just wondering about this as well. Hopefully 9.1R12 has fixed this

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Re: PCS upgrade process / client side

I opened a ticket with support regarding the issue.  We'll see what they have to say.

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Re: PCS upgrade process / client side

Support has stated that this is corrected in 9.1R12.